Here are some pictures of Stacy Edwards with longer hair. This is from the movie "In the Company of Men." The video came out March 17, 1998, so hurry to the video store to check it out.

Stacy is in Primary Colors. Go see it NOW! It's good. She looks sooo fine in it, too!!

Stacy plays Lisa Catera on Chicago Hope every Wednesday!! Don't forget to tune in...and tape it!

Is there anyone else who loves Stacy as much as I do?? Let me know!

E-mail ELLyNeSs.

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Hi. Welcome to the first page on the net devoted to the beautiful Stacy Edwards. Ain't she the hottest thing you've ever seen?!?! She looks a little like Winona Ryder, don't you think?



Born: 1965
Spouse: Actor Eddie Bowz


Primary Colors, 1998
In the Company of Men, 1997
The Cottonwood, 1996
The Fear, 1995
Chicago Hope (TV series), 1994 - present
Private Lessons II, 1993
Relentless 3, 1993
Sons and Daughters (TV series), 1991
Dinner at Eight (TV), 1989
Spontaneous Combustion, 1989
Glory Days (TV), 1988
Santa Barbara (TV series), 1984
Born Beautiful (TV), 1984

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